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We are open and doing the usual hours. Please wear your mask and respect social distancing in the shop. Hope to see you soon.

When you open the door of The Moffat Bookshop the teaspoon door-jangler announces your arrival and the mind ponders what treasures lie within. We used to invite people to smell the books but that’s probably not appropriate these days. Best just to read them instead.

the moffat bookshop
1 day ago

Scooby scooby dooooooo

4 days ago
10 Books on the Environment that you should read. - Borders Forest Trust

by Stephanie Young Lockdown gave me the opportunity to catch up on a bit of reading (including BFT’s new book) to reduce the large pile of books next to my desk.  Here’s a few of my favourites, ... See more

1 week ago
Timeline Photos

Interesting book about the isles to the north.

1 week ago
The latest news on "Dangerous Women": awards, Google Doodles and more | Unbound

Still time to pledge for a copy if this is your thing.

It's been a busy summer so far for the Dangerous Women Project. The book currently has 405 pledges, and has reached 77% of our target funding. The match funding we secured last month to take us to ... See more

1 week ago

It's still the 1970s, depicting characters (mainly) old by the 1940s.

1 week ago

So this is the 1970s.
Good things: Decimalisation (no more 24 pence to the florin, 10 florins to the pound nonsense), lower traffic levels, no Costa or McDonalds, maps etc.
Bad things: leaded petrol, ... See more

1 week ago

The new normal.

2 weeks ago
Lynn Miclea, Author

We sell these too, good old-style non-battery operated books 🙂 (note the old-style selfie-pic too).

2 weeks ago
STV Productions » Tod Productions secures rights for book on the ‘Jigsaw Murders’

Tod Productions and production partner, STV Productions, have optioned The Jigsaw Murders: The True Story of the Ruxton Killings and the Birth of Modern Forensics – a new true crime book written by ... See more

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