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Welcome To The Moffat Bookshop

We are open and doing the usual hours. Please wear your mask and respect social distancing in the shop. Hope to see you soon.

When you open the door of The Moffat Bookshop the teaspoon door-jangler announces your arrival and the mind ponders what treasures lie within. We used to invite people to smell the books but that’s probably not appropriate these days. Best just to read them instead.

the moffat bookshop
1 month ago
Well Street Moffat

We're all opening again - best wishes to everyone, and stay safe 🙂

In addition to Wallace Butcher, @amsimpsonandson, Harvest Time, Drummond and Murray, Pets Corner, Tidy paws dog grooming and Chen Wok these 4 shops opened their doors today!

1 month ago

Open from 10 today, and with this new Curly Tale title in stock.

1 month ago

We will be trialling our regular hours next week, starting Monday 29th June.

We look forward to seeing you, but please be aware we'll have restricted access for a while, so check in with us as you ... See more

1 month ago

There are rumours of re-opening. There are rumours of new curtains. Unfortunately we are unable to confirm any of these reports just now, in case they turn out to be similar to plot lines from 'Game ... See more

3 months ago
Timeline Photos

Whilst the bookshop has been closed others have been beavering away adding all sorts of digital content over at including the new downloadable edition of Southlight ... See more

4 months ago

Folks, in light of the current ongoing situation, and the need for us all to stay sensible and safe - the bookshop is now closed until further notice. If you have any enquiries please do message or ... See more

5 months ago

Not spent your world day voucher at school? Exchange for one of these or choose something else for £1 off.

5 months ago

This is a book from a 1980s book fair at my school. Don't forget your vouchers for school today. If you didn't see anything you like there's a month to spend it with us! #worldbookday

5 months ago

Please share with any budding photographers. Deadline approaching!

5 months ago

Postcard from Fairlight books ☕📖 ☕

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