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When you open the door of The Moffat Bookshop the teaspoon door-jangler announces your arrival, the mind ponders what treasures lie within, and then you smell the books! Well, you don’t actually have to smell them, but we do highly recommend it. Maybe you can’t judge a book by its cover but you can by its smell.

the moffat bookshop
4 hours ago

Check your notes folks.

Could everyone please be aware that I took a counterfeit Clydesdale Bank £20 Note yesterday. Could other shopkeepers in particular please be on your guard. If there's one, there must be others.

6 days ago

Love these 100 year old guides with their gold out maps.

2 weeks ago
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Friday's choice. This island was recently up for sale I believe.

3 weeks ago
George Eliot 2019 - Home

Interesting site

2019 marks the bicentenary of the birth of Mary Ann Evans, famous under the pseudonym George Eliot, in Nuneaton, England.

3 weeks ago
Dell-Mar Guesthouse

Moffat Skyscapes available here 🌛⭐🌠

A pleasure meeting Geoff the author of "Moffat Skyscapes", He`s intoduced me to the world of astromony, amazing what you can see from #Moffat and especially when the new Observatory is available. ... See more

1 month ago

For Nan Shepherd fans.

1 month ago

This rather 'comprehensive' slice of history has just arrived in the last hour 🙂

1 month ago
Photos from The Moffat Bookshop's post

Latest edition of Moffat Skyscapes book now in stock - plus a book about The Bethlehem Star. Both from local author Geoffrey Lindop.

1 month ago

Back in stock today, local book by a former local author.

1 month ago

The best-titled book in our shop is 'Cheese Butties and the 12.39 to Wigan' by Andrew Mellor. Here is one of the photos in the book, a double-tendered Flying Scotsman from 1969.

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