Welcome To The Moffat Bookshop

When you open the door of The Moffat Bookshop the teaspoon door-jangler announces your arrival and the mind ponders what treasures lie within. We used to invite people to smell the books but that’s probably not appropriate these days. Best just to read them instead.

the moffat bookshop
2 days ago

When you buy a book from bookshop.org we can pretty much, almost certainly guarantee the proceeds will not be spent on the quest for eternal life. 🙃

1 week ago

Walks from Moffat.

2 weeks ago

Having a clear out?

We are looking to buy good quality books in the following categories:

☆ sci-fi
☆ transport (esp. railway)
☆ Scottish non-fiction
☆ Scottish fiction eg Alasdair Gray, ... See more

2 weeks ago

Many thanks to the lady who allowed her dog to go to the toilet on the pavement outside the shop - yes, you the lady with the two dogs on leads and the small dog in the black basket......hadnt ... See more

3 weeks ago

I know.
Buy now & put it in a safe place.

1 month ago

Thought for the day.

2 months ago

2 months ago


2 months ago

Thanks to all the individuals and organisations promoting and producing art in many dimensions across the region - Southlight being one of many excellent platforms for writers.